The Wine Valley of La Geria Returning from the north coast, we take the same road back as far as the small village of Tinguatón, from where a minor road leads south for about 7 km through a mountainous area until it joins the main road LZ30.

At this junction, we make a right turn and continue towards the valley of La Geria.

This valley, which has been declared ‘Protected Area’, is Lanzarote’s main wine-growing region, occupying about 52 sq. km (20 sq. miles) and stretching on both sides of the road from Masdache to Uga and right up to the volcanic slopes.

This area produces most of Lanzarote’s excellent wines, of which 75 per cent are made from the Malvasía grape, one of the oldest known grape varieties.

Best known as a honey-coloured, very sweet wine with a rich flavour, already praised by Shakespeare hundreds of years ago, today the Malvasía grape produces a wide variety of quality white, red or rosé wines, from very sweet to very dry.